Something Else The Internet Has Changed

hillary shoulder

I’m wondering if we’re seeing the last of the big money advertising budget presidential campaigns? How sad for the winners of Citizens United. The Internet and to a lesser extent the content hunger of cable news has changed everything.

During prior elections it was possible to throw enough mud to bury an opponent. PACs were notorious for this crap (literally and figuratively). It’s not as effective today.

The Internet has brought us more access. Ads were a primary source of info. Now, much less so. We see more with our own eyes.

So, Carly Fiorina’s intransigence over what she had or had not seen could be viewed unfiltered. She has cratered in recent polling.

Look at Donald Trump. The smart guys had him failing early. Some Republicans (for reasons unknown to me) watch him and see a visionary. Has he even bought advertising? TV made him famous. The Internet madde him acceptable.

And then there’s Hillary. Even if you didn’t watch a minute of the hearing live, you’ve undoubtedly seen clips or even the GIF where she brushes her shoulder (click the photo above).

Could the Internet actually be democratizing politics?

2 thoughts on “Something Else The Internet Has Changed”

  1. Past 20 years, the Internet has revolutionized the world and like the Industrial Revolution, it’s a breath of fresh air kids like from the Bronx. Take it or leave it, no one had the final say – it’s always on-going. Mainstream media is overtaken by social media and thank god!

  2. It has done nothing really to democratize, as there is neither accountability or.fact checking. Money can easily buy web presence and can post edited videos, lies and viral memes that need not have any connection to reality. The web has supported Chomsky’s ideas about how people are controlled and manipulated in a nominal democracy. For every member and GIF that seems to promote Hillary there is an opposite one. And NONE of them necessarily have any connection to reality.

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