We Need One More Law

It’s 2015. You’d think by now we’d have enough laws. We need to add at least one more.

Data collectors, anyone from Google to Facebook to Experian and Equifax, should be subject to laws similar to those seen in the credit reporting industry.

All these companies have categorized you. They know who covets your business. Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong. You’ll never know.

How you’re categorized influences a lot of what you see online and what you don’t. In many ways my wife, daughter and I all see a slightly different Internet because of how we’re perceived.

An error in categorization might be just as costly as a credit report mistake. And yet, the person whose data is being collected and about whom decisions and choices are being made, has no recourse. The process and collected data are totally opaque.

This just seems very wrong.

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