Whoa! Not So Fast Cowboys

Eiffel-Tower-390271I hear the drum beats for war. That didn’t take long.

How can we not be violently angry with the Islamist terrorists who attacked France last week? I certainly am.

I’m not ready to go to war. I’m not sure what it would accomplish. What do we want to win exactly?

Terrorism is not new. In 1954 Puerto Rican nationalists burst into Congress and…

“shouted for the freedom of their homeland as they fired murderously although at random from a spectators’ gallery just above the House floor. … House members at first thought the sounds were those of firecrackers. But as their colleagues fell or took cover as they heard the slugs hit around them, all realized what was happening.” – NYTimes

We forget.

If being hardasses and playing rough keeps you safe, why was it a Russian plane that fell to some bomber’s evil work? Is Putin not macho enough?

The world is full of soft targets. We can’t protect everything. We should change close to nothing.

It is foolish to think we can simultaneously sacrifice our principles and gain as a nation.

One thought on “Whoa! Not So Fast Cowboys”

  1. I agree. why is everyone so quick to jump to conclusions. Is this fear of Muslims in general going to take away common sense, again. Now the push, besides war is to ban all Syrian refuge’s from seeking safe harbor. There is an e-mail message out with our governor’s phone number–urging us to call him and say no to Syrian refugees. I know of several Muslim families who sought refuge status in CT before the infamous date of 9/11. Since our church was working with another church in this undertaking, I got to know these folks well. It was during the Serbia-Kosovo conflict and the Christians were killing the Muslims. Yet these families came to America under the auspices of Christian churches, and lived amongst us. Despite the tension of our present situation, I feel the same need for mercy that the Syrian folk need today. God help our nation if our citizens continue to act out of fear vs. sharing the things that made us the “go to nation”. We fight to keep the slogan “In God we Trust” on our coins, then go off and block anyone else from having this freedom. If we really trust God, then maybe we out to seek out His answer. That’s my soapbox answer for today. Have a good morning!

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