My Bet Is Down


A few hours after I post this, it will be snowing in Northeast Nebraska. At least it’s supposed to.

All those feelings are back. There are few things I anguish over more than snow.

Snow forecasts are never ‘right on.’ It drives me crazy!

I have some advantages in Nebraska. I don’t have to ask for additional time. I just take it as needed. This morning I’m a taker.

Since I record on a schedule, if I am willing to stay in a suit and tie a little later, I can push back the session start. And I did.

An extra ninety minutes didn’t give me much additional info. I rechecked the HRRR which continues to show snow, though not as much as the GFS or NAM. They never all agree,

My bet is down. Can’t change it now. If I’m wrong it’s not for trying.

3 thoughts on “My Bet Is Down”

  1. Wish you could do the same for us in Connecticut as
    Nebraska!!!!!! Hope they know how lucky they are to have YOU!!!!!

  2. Barbara….I could not AGREE with you more!!!! I have been screaming at Geoff since he left Conn…. PLEASE COME BACK!!!! I love Gill, but Geoff is a natural TEACHER….they REALLY, REALLY are lucky to have him!!! (Even though his forecasts come from the desert of Calif. in his back yard!!!) Geoff, don’t you miss hills and trees and less traffic….beautiful Fall & Spring weather and beautiful landscapes!!!

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