Why Do We Make Our Vets Beg?

Wounded_Warrior_Project_logo.svgA Wounded Warrior Project ad is running in the background. Trace Adkins is begging for money. The whole pitch is calculated to make you uncomfortable and guilty.

Why do we force our vets to beg for money? Where’s our strong moral obligation as a nation to do everything Wounded Warriors does and more? These men and women sacrificed their lives for our nation.

These are commercials, not PSAs. WWP pays to get on TV. They are a business with a noble purpose… but that are a business.

I am a pacifist, nearly always against conflict. The wounded vets in these commercials are a large part of my reason. We do a piss poor job estimating this ‘cost’ of war. Then we play deadbeat dad.

I am embarrassed there needs to be a Wounded Warrior Project.

Understand, my beef isn’t with them. They should be the quarterback on the sidelines with a clipboard taking care of the few cases that fall through the cracks. This is America’s obligation.

It would be nice if this was the sort of thing we considered before we went to war.

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Make Our Vets Beg?”

  1. I agree Geoff, but what’s worst is the salaries the owners and board get that promote Wounded Warrior Project.

    They do good deeds but the donated funds would go a lot father if those in administration were paid a much more fitting rate not a exuberant rate they collect now.

  2. When the whole subject of going to war in Iraq came up I was mortified. I’m not totally against war. There have been times in history we really had to. This was not one of them. As I told my mother days before boots were on the ground and rhetoric was flying faster than snowflakes in a blizzard I told my mother that Saddam Hussein had painted himself into a corner. He’d dismantled all his weapons (the ones we said we had to go look for) as required by the US. But he had to convince Iran (whom he was afraid was going to invade) that he still HAD some weapons to use to keep them on their side of the border. I told her he could cut off his own head and hand it to Dubya on a silver plate and we’d STILL invade because someone in authority wanted to THAT BADLY.
    I was equally mortified that the generation that had muddled through the Viet Nam war was going to send ANOTHER generation of youngsters to fight in another thankless misguided war we’d never get out of gracefully. And thus create another generation of battle damaged adults who would need care that the government wasn’t going to give them.
    I could have told them but I’m not a war mongering cabinet secretary with ties to the oil industry and a deep religious conviction that war is what god wants.

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