Too Little Privacy

I’m in the midst of reading on article on encryption and the government’s want to break WhatsApp’s. This is in addition to the outstanding orders to Apple.

If I’m being tinfoil hat crazy, call me out. This continues to creep me out.

We all need privacy. If you’re reading this you already have none.

I use Chrome, so Google knows pretty much all there is to know about me. They’re watching me type these letters.

For their convenience (and mine) Google knows it’s me on a number of different computers, phones and tablets. What exactly don’t they know! Everything I search for. Everything I read. My calendar and email and voice message. The NSA is probably jealous.

The utility Google provides in return is unbelievable, but we are trusting them with our deepest, darkest secrets. Unlike the iPhone or WhatsApp situation, what Google’s got is encrypted, but Google’s got the key. They can (and probably do) provide user secrets to the government.

We are told our data is anonymous, but it’s super easy to use just a few pieces to figure out who you are. Your name isn’t what these companies care about anyway.

At the very least we should be know the categories Google and other data aggregators put us in. As with credit reports we’re owed ways of eliminating erroneous data.

A case can be made Google’s ease of isolating consumers categorically makes discrimination easy and easier to hide. Additional disclosures should be required for all data brokers.

Our every move is being followed and evaluated. It is part of 21st Century life and it’s already gone too far.

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