A Little Fox Fantasy


Both Helaine and I play poker a little. We thought it would be fun to take the plunge again at the World Series of Poker. Some people never learn.

We’ll be playing in one of the smaller events. Seniors only. I’ve gotten a fake ID for Helaine.

Helaine prefers to fly, but she’s acquiesced and we will motor our way through the desert. The Goog sez at our departure time “3 h 40 min – 4 h 30 min.” Door-to-door 261 miles. No fill-up. Easy-peasy.

Hold on. Driving music.

OK. Better.

Last year 4,000 50+ year old’s played. It starts Friday and continues Saturday and Sunday. Of course along the way players get tapped out. Tables consolidate until there is one left.

Three full days of poker is grueling. It’s a strategic game. Lots to consider. More than likely we’ll have to read about it after-the-fact.

Only the final 10% get paid. The earliest out get less than double their buy-in back. The Seniors big winner last year won over $600,000. Oh, you also get a bracelet. It’s the poker equivalent of a wrestling belt.

Don’t hold your breath.

Stef will be wrangling Doppler.

Hold it. One more song.

2 thoughts on “A Little Fox Fantasy”

  1. go get ’em , kids. i want updates. tell helaine, just to keep playing her game. wouldn’t hurt if you played her game , too.
    rooting for you both…but no chopping when you two end up at the final table.

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