Great Neighbors


We live in a family neighborhood. Helaine and I are empty nesters, but we thought having kids around would keep us young. It has.

Our neighborhood is filled with exquisitely wonderful children of every shade. It’s in a place like Irvine where you realize what immigrants bring to our country and how welcoming Americans can be.

When word of my cancer got out to the neighbors their kids responded with hand drawn cards and posters. They delivered them and this group hug around a month ago.


I put the cards in a corner. Kept safely, but out-of-sight. Steffie had a better idea.

She’s brightened my studio by dedicating this corner to the beautiful and inspiring artwork of the neighbor kids. It turned out really nice. Now it can inspire me every day.





4 thoughts on “Great Neighbors”

  1. Hope that having that inspirational wall has to make you smile and
    feel good no matter how you are feeling. And you can
    glance at it anytime and know you are thought and cared about
    by everyone it represents who live elsewhere than California too!!

  2. Good idea, on Stef’s part. It will be a daily reminder of how much you are loved. Yes, having kids around does brighten up a neighborhood—they are God’s way of keeping our thoughts and feelings in perspective—and give us reason to keep our world clean and intact. (Maybe that is what Mr Trump needs to open his eyes to the real world!). Anyway, keep smiling and remain hopeful. You know you are in the thoughts of all of us.
    Sorry about the “e-mail bloop” last week–didn’t mean to send it your way.

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