America’s Scariest Threat… From Seattle With Love


Have you seen the video from Amazon’s soon-to-be cash registerless grocery store in Seattle? If you’ve ever worked on-the-floor at any retail establishment anywhere this is a shot across your bow! What you thought could only be done by a person can now be done by a machine.

We have a problem in America and across much of the industrialized world. We’re about to have a lot more people than jobs! The removal of humans from retail is the latest in a series technological advancements aimed at cutting costs and kvetching. Eliminating anyone who gets paid to hold a steering wheel is next.

We expected the benefits of automation to be spread among society. Instead, as business has become more efficient all the benefit has stayed with them.

We are not that many years away from a crisis. Jobs are about to disappear. Our entire society is based on individuals earning money for working.

We probably have enough wealth in our country to make things better, but not the way it’s distributed now.

This is the most important problem facing America today. Absolutely.

2 thoughts on “America’s Scariest Threat… From Seattle With Love”

  1. One of my major complaints is that there is an uneven distribution of wealth in this country. When I worked for a major corporation, I could see it from the top down. CEO’s getting paid multi-millions of dollars while the little people at the bottom are barely scratching out $10/hr. When bonus time comes around CEO’s getting their millions while the minions are getting a meager $50 check. And then you have Hollywood. Tell me why any actor is worth over a million dollars per episode? Do they work any harder than anyone else? Are their days longer? Jobs more dangerous? Are they more important than anyone else? And then you have the ballplayers. They play only a portion of the year but they get paid double digit millions of dollars and then they get the endorsements. The point is, no single human is worth all that much money for a days work. I realize some of those who are blessed to have such wealth try to share it charitably. However, I will never understand the need for the elite to be so abundantly wealthy while we have so many poor, homeless, and hungry people including children, scratching at the coffers and hurting so badly. Our wealth needs to be dispersed more fairly so that everyone has a fighting chance. When did things get so out of control?

  2. One of my family members has been looking for part time work to supplement her meager income ==but like you said—too many people, no jobs. Well, the time is fast coming, Amazon et al,–if there is no money coming in, one can’t pay the bills–…but, I guess, with all the wealthy out there, someone will appreciate the service. It just won’t be me, and the multitude of others in similar situation. Very soon, many of us will be giving up internet service, phones, etc. Our riches just don’t include money—. Enjoy the life you have and be greatful.

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