A Little Blog Tweak

This blog has been running since 2003. Code gets rickety over time. Little field repairs I made years ago might not be compatible (or findable) once I start changing things.

What the heck. I took the plunge tonight.

First, I’d heard some complaints from phone users that text was tough to read. Second, Google has been penalizing my site specifically because it’s not mobile friendly.

This blog runs on WordPress. Its look is decided by a theme. I swapped out my highly customized “McBloggerson” theme for “2016,” last year’s standard issue. I changed a few fonts to give it a little style but otherwise left it alone.

The tendency is to want to do more. I want to do less and keep everything super simple. Clean design is in this year.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

14 thoughts on “A Little Blog Tweak”

  1. Geoff,this is much easier to see on my phone, I have vision problems and the simpler/clearer the better. Thanks and keep on truckin. Getting bitterly cold in Coventry CT. ❄❄❄

  2. I liked it better the old way. It was easier getting back to ‘HOME’ after making a comment. But then, I only have a desktop computer–. ce la vie!
    So how do I get back to the home page?? without getting knocked off the web?

  3. As an avid phone reader, this change works for me. I’d keep reading if you went to homing pigeons so I may not be the best opinion.

  4. Looks great from my desktop PC. Looking forward to trying it from my mobile phone. You technical abilities amaze me!

  5. WOW! So much easier to read on my phone. I’ll also check it through email. The difference is astounding! Kind of like getting a new book in large print.

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