Another Day At The Doctor’s Office

Neulasta injector schematic
Chemo isn’t just chemo. This I’ve learned.

Today was the first day after the second infusion. Neulasta day! says it retails at $5,752.32 for a .6 milliliter injection.

My sister and I spoke about it on the phone.

Geoff: How can they charge $5,700 for a shot?
Trudi: The same reason dogs lick their balls. Because they can!

I’m just quoting.

After my last Neulasta injection I woke up in the middle of the night feeling as if my bones were expanding and contracting. It’s a listed side effect. It didn’t last long. Uncomfortable and freaky. Scary at the time.

Chemo destroys important blood cells and platelets. Neulasta promotes the growth of white blood cells which help hold off infection. I’m glad it’s there for me to take.

Next week I’ll head to the lab for a blood test (arm, not port) then back to see the oncologist. Danny, the scheduler, told me 1:30 PM was the first appointment after lunch. Perfect.

I’m learning to work the system.

7 thoughts on “Another Day At The Doctor’s Office”

  1. I remember chemo well even though it was nearly thirty years ago. There were no ports or Neulasta drugs-I sound really old but I’m only 64. I’m amazed at how far they’ve come. One of my arms has no useable veins and I guess it’s permanent!! Lol

  2. Jeff, my oncologist at Yale told me to take Claritin for aches and pains. Yes Claritin! I take it for 3 days starting the day I get the shot. It helps! Somebody discovered this at some point. Try it!

  3. Geoff Fox and your Family; We, as fans of yours from Rocky Hill, Connecticut, wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a HEALTHY and Happy New Year! Praying and hope for a complete recovery for you, each and every day!

  4. Greetings from Shelton, CT — I was told (when I received my Neulasta shots a few years ago) that when it hurts, it’s a good thing because the blood cells are growing & they grow in your long bones (legs, arms, spine, etc) – my pain was excruciating but my oncologist gave me oxycodone for the pain – it would get so bad that I had to take 3 pills to stop the pain – but on the flip side, I dealt with it because it meant that my blood cells were growing — I wish you much luck with your treatments. Wishing you a Happy & HEALTHY New Year!

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