My End Of The Year Video

I’m the least cancery cancer patient you’ll ever want to meet! I feel great and have most of my strength back. At the moment there’s minimal impact from my earlier procedures and surgery.

But why read it when you can see me say it!

20 thoughts on “My End Of The Year Video”

  1. Well, I got say that in your fine video I believe you sure as heck weren’t bluffing. So, in words I so rarely used – “I fold, it’s all yours.” Good job, Geoff, and stay well.

  2. Excellent advice. having been through quad bypass, you’re right on the mark. It hurts, but it passes. You do what you have to do. Best wishes for the New year. Treatments will go by in a flash.

  3. Well said, Fox.

    May God bless you and keep you healthy. May the doctors and nurses do well.

    May Helaine and Stephanie keep you going.

    And I make the virtual sign of the cross on this note for good health for you and family in 2017.

  4. Lookin’ good, Fox! So glad to see you so well. Keep up the wonderful attitude and we’ll keep up the prayers. HUGS

  5. Happy New Year. It is wonderful when you can talk about the possible cure for this type of cancer. More so that you are looking good and feeling well and the care you have currently could be all you need. Prayers continued for you, your families and all the people who help and support you.

  6. Thanks for the update. Vigilance and a good attitude make a great combination. Keep up the “good work”. Our thoughts and prayers continue for you.

  7. So glad to see you looking so well, and having such a positive outlook-it really makes all the difference!

    I wish you a wonderful 2017-lots of good health, happiness and fortune at the casino 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your journey-it’s not one that was expected, and certainly not one that was wanted…but you are helping so many others with your story and it is appreciated!

    Thanks for all you do! Know that you are appreciated and have lots of folks pulling for you 🙂

  8. Geoff what a joy to see and hear for ourselves from you personally this way!! Your attitude is as usual upbeat and inspiring, but seeing you
    looking so well and happy there are
    no words how great that is!!
    2017 is truly a year you can look forward to enjoying!! So truly more than happy for you!!

    1. God Bless you Geoff, God if it was not for you I dont think a LOT of people are going to remember all of this and BE STRONG like you !!! Thank you for sharing this incredibly Journey with us and I hope you stay on with us because we NEED YOU GEOFF . My best for you and Helaine and you daughter Step for the New Year, You have been wonderful SIR !!! please please stay on with us… Marie Spadaccino CT , Trumbull always watch you and glad to have you know, Thank you Helaine for sharing your hubby with us, my best to you to as some times the wife is forgotten . BUT you are not we love you to , My brother is still very sick and does not know it? how I wish yo can go see him, he taught at The ELS center on Santa Monica for 40 years. Frank Cosentino a wonderful person Geoff, it;s breaking my heart right open.. As we have no family there in CA , I have been there last month for a ew days no money to stay? and his place is small.
      from Trumbull CT but has been in CA.. Marie

  9. It’s so good to hear your voice! Glad your prognosis is good. You’re giving lots of hope and strength to many people as you go through your journey. Wishing you, Helaine, Steph and Doppler a wonderful, healthy New Year!

  10. Thank you Geoff for sharing this wonderful, inspirational news with us. Keep up the great work and positive spirit. It will serve you well. I am so happy for you!!!

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