Chemo+2: Not That Bad

Today is the second day after chemo. On three of those second days the Gemzar dripped into my system 48 hours earlier brought me down. Imagine sleeping over 20 hours in one day accompanied by an upset stomach.

We scheduled my treatments to account for this. Thursday is chemo day. Saturday/Sunday are blocked off just in case.

It’s not going to make a difference for a while. This was my last chemo session before six weeks of radiation. There will be more, but not until spring.

I was a little tired this morning. I napped. I’m good.

I ate a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich lovingly prepared by H. Seriously, Helaine cannot make the pedestrian. She minds it carefully until the sourdough rye turns a beautiful gold and the cheese has melted across the tomato slices. It is a thing of beauty and then you bite in. Wow.

My day has gone well. Much better than anticipated. I’m smiling.

Need my strength for tomorrow. Big weather day in Nebraska. Four stations. On all day.

2 thoughts on “Chemo+2: Not That Bad”

  1. Hey Champ!
    There is nothing like the perfect grilled cheese sandwich! Glad you are smiling. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. That grilled cheese sounds good.
    I haven’t found a place here in So Cal where they make those, so invite me over for one. I’ll make the drive up the 405 from near LAX for a grilled cheese sandwich. Especially if its prepared by master chef Helaine!

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