I Am A Tough Guy

My walk through McCarran Airport

I am a tough guy.

There’s no way I would have said that seven or eight months ago, before pancreatic cancer. It’s nothing I thought I was. However, as they say, shit got real.

Recuperation seems to be in my wheelhouse. I’ve smashed most medical benchmarks. If a doctor said two weeks, it was three days. Stronger, faster¹.

Again, this is a major surprise. There is nothing which led me to believe any of this was likely… much less possible.

My stomach is still in upheaval. Instead of 80% upset it’s 80% calm. There’s still that 20%.

The most frustrating part of my recovery is physical weakness. Recently I’ve averaged 11-12 hours a day in bed. It shortens my day–too short already.

I run out of energy like a little kid. Much of the ability to pace myself is gone. Chalk this up to 28 days of radiation and Xeloda. As I detox this should ease.

Yesterday was a test. From the curb to our gate at McCarran was around 3,000 feet (thank you Google Maps). That’s a kilometer carrying one bag and dragging another.

Improvement continues.

¹ – I have written this sentence “Stronger faster,” “Stronger, faster” and “Stronger. Faster.” Each seems to have a grammatically correct use. Each looks wrong, including the version I’ve used. My English teachers would be happy this perplexes me in 2017.

10 thoughts on “I Am A Tough Guy”

  1. I should be ashamed of myself. I had major back surgery with a fusion 12/13/16 and I’m still weak. I sleep a lot and do a lot less. I just read this as i do everything you post and I feel better.
    I’m glad you’re getting better Geoff.

  2. Geoff, you are inspiration to All of us, whether or not we are living with cancer!! You are in my Prayers everyday!!

  3. You are a strong man!!! Xeloda and abdominal radiation at the same time!!! I took xeloda for almost a year for my stage4 breast ca and it was awful. I didn’t want to move and it screwed up my hearing. You are a strong man.
    Good luck from this “Lifer”

  4. See you tomorrow via the Internet at our CT HOSA State Leadership Conference.

    I was told that the hotel contacted you and the av is all set?

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say. I am with our high school state officers and we have been rehearsing all evening.

  5. You have to be mentally tough first, to commit to pushing your way through a fight like you have been waging. You have, and have always had, strong family ties and have shown that throughout your years of broadcasting, here in CT. And you have always had a ‘teaching attitude’ and inquisitiveness for all things scientific and nature oriented. No TV station here in CT has a gardener at present–there was no one here to pick up that torch. And I miss it.
    So don’t be so hard on yourself. You have willingly endured a lot, physically. Take the rest that your body is demanding. The strength will increase. It is OK to lean on friends and family for a while. (We/they will let you know when enough is ENOUGH). Our prayers continue. Your continued healing (I would guess), is making each of your doctors stronger and happier.

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