Farrell Comes To Visit

(not) Meteorologist Farrell Meisel at Studio5E, Irvine

Farrell Meisel came to visit today. He’s the International Man of Mystery, an ex-pat living in Baku, Azerbaijan. He’s on leave for a few weeks and home in the Palm Springs area.

Farrell played a pivotal role in my TV career. He cast me as the male co-host for PM Magazine/Buffalo. It was my first full time TV job.

I know Farrell about 10 minutes longer than I know Helaine! After I met Farrell on the phone and accepted his offer of a job I rushed from the WIFI radio studio, rounded a hallway and knocked down a new girl in promotions — Helaine! We met as I was giving notice.

It was important to me that Farrell approved my studio in-person. And he did. He even took a spin in the chroma key.

2 thoughts on “Farrell Comes To Visit”

  1. From NY’s WPIX cartoonist weather reporter in 1950’s to today’s super sonic weather relayers – meteorology has made leaps & bounds. But bottom line, a simple look outside tells it all & then sone

  2. Great to see and hear you Farrell, but please bring back better weather than that – Baku’s already threatened with a storm tomorrow.

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