Please, Let This Be The Home Stretch

I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. Actually, I really don’t know what cancer feels like. What grief I’ve suffered is 100% a product of my treatment!

This weekend was particularly tough. We time my chemotherapy so the side effects don’t show up until Saturday. Helaine and I were prepared.

We did the best we could in a shitty situation. I was fatigued in a way difficult to explain. Any motion meant great effort.

Helaine kept me hydrated and with enough food in my belly to keep my blood sugar up. I can’t imagine doing this solo.

It’s Monday now. I’m mostly recovered, certainly enough to be functional and working.

Two more of these to go. They won’t be easier.

All through my journey I’ve claimed I’m doing nothing special. It’s nothing more than following doctors orders, right?

This weekend I traded emails with my of the folks shepherding my care. “Aren’t I the norm,” I asked?

No, it’s not what everyone does at all!! Unfortunately, many people don’t go through this with your attitude or outlook, no matter how excellent or poor their prognosis is. Don’t get me wrong, I meet a lot of inspiring and courageous people here everyday, but, attitudes and outlooks like yours are not plentiful. I agree you are doing yourself a huge benefit by choosing to be positive, I wish everyone could find that within themselves, it’s invaluable during these trying times.

Total surprise. I had no clue.

Some of you reading this are in a similar situation to me. Having the right attitude will help you get through it easier. Make the commitment.

The treatments are still going to suck, but it’s Monday and I don’t remember much of what transpired (mostly sleeping or laying in bed). And after nearly a year the end is in sight.

Make no mistake, I can handle this. Anyone can.

15 thoughts on “Please, Let This Be The Home Stretch”

  1. Geoff, the way that you….and Helaine….have handled your whole experience has been extremely inspiring. I’m sure that you’ve helped many more people than you’ll ever know.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us….and I look forward to following your adventures for many years to come❣

  2. You are right on track geoff. Its all in the attitude and personality. Its not easy. I give you alot of credit. I am learning some from you cause they are working on me and doing test to see if i have cancer. I am scared but i want to catch it in time. Cause they found i am anemic and these are the test they need too. Rbc low. I have a awesome doctor and a great support circle of family and friends. I know this was not easy for you. Best of luck

  3. Not everyone would do what you are doing, Geoff. My best friend Maureen died of breast cancer because she WOULDN’T get treated. Thought it was a waste of time, and would hasten the end. Instead, she let it go and now her friends still miss her 3 years later. She was 3 weeks short of her 60th birthday; we were all going to Disney to celebrate. Instead, we all went to her funeral. Fight the fight, Geoff. Those who love you will fight right along side.

  4. You know in today’s world we need someone like you who is battling an illness and fighting it and let the world know. I’m fighting my own battles here to Jeff a different kind not like yours in anyway but one day the world will say to us both WOW you sure went thru a lot. You keep fighting and I’ll keep fighting. May God Bless You and Your Family. Say Hi to your Dog Doppler!

  5. Geoff: Through all this you have remained true to who you are at your core;
    a kind and caring person who doesn’t want the people around him to hurt or feel bad even when you are feeling at your worst. You don’t want the rest of us to worry even when you are facing the fight of your life. You want to protect us all and keep us safe.
    Thank you; you are an inspiration to us all. They say a man is measured not by the way he handles his blessing but how he handles the adversities in his life. May you always stay true to yourself and may you continue to find life’s flowers amongst the thorns.
    Your friend,

  6. Dear Jeff
    I’m reading your journey because a close friend’s husband has been battling pancreatic cancer for the last five years . The last few months have been very challenging to him . Right now he has lost his fight and is depressed . I’m hoping he will read your latest message and regain his fighting spirit . God bless you ! I live in Vegas now but hail from Hamden Connecticut where enjoyed watching you on TV !

  7. Hi Geoff, positive thinking and friends who care about you are the most important thing to getting through the chemo. Once that is there you’ve got it made for going for the getting better. It is what helped me with my fight! Your wife is your best helper! She knows what to do for you. Also all the prayers help too!

  8. No, I couldn’t imagine feeling this sick and going solo. I have a guardian angel a few houses up the road from me called My Older Brother. Five years ago he spent 9 hours at the ER with me when I had a terrible flu virus. TMI: he even helped me to the toilet and stayed while I was in there (we’re not modest thank goodness). His wife is a good soul too. And as far as attitude, we knew all along you were not average, Geoff. Thanks for the humor, bravery and faith, and the encouragement to others.

  9. Geoff. Its difficult for people around you as well. Post chemo i have regressed and my mood has changed from positive lets do this…to a ffs no more please.
    Its the carers that sometimes get the bad mood. I agree without them i couldnt have done this.
    Anyway keep treating this pathetic disease with disdain..

    1. Just an FYI — My friend Kevin in Edinburgh, Scotland is pretty much going through all of this a few weeks ahead of me. Along with all my other support, having Kevin to chat and commiserate with has been very important and helpful.

  10. Geoff – you and Helaine have been such inspirational fighters. Keep up the great attitude – it truly makes a difference. Remember you have so many of us rooting for you guys. Wishing you God and angel blessings.

  11. Geoff, I couldn’t agree more with all of those who’ve responded today. Years ago, I became a G.F. fan after moving to CT from LA (The Ravenswood/Mae West woman) and found you introducing your Westie, “Ivy, the most phelgmatic dog in the world,” and I was hooked. You are a born teacher and determinedly, clearly, humorously and often with a sense of awe, explain the inner workings of whatever you are focused on at the time.
    Your tortuous journey with cancer is something that you’ve turned into an astounding gift that simultaneously teaches and comforts so many others. You have been and are a rare and amazing gift and are beloved by a remarkable array of people.
    Prayers and blessing with you, Helaine and your daughter.

  12. Geoff,

    So glad to hear only 2 more treatments to go…your almost there! You really are a role model to so many following you on this blog!

    My husband asked how you were doing over the weekend, and I explained you scheduled treatments so you have the weekend to rest when the symptoms hit and were recovering. Glad to check your website today and see a new post.

    Stay well. Looking forward to reading your post after your final treatment!

  13. You are in our prayers. Prayers work. My husband is a testament to that. He almost died in 1999 when he retired from Sikorsky, but he was on prayer lists all over and survived. You are keeping a positive attitude and. That helps

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