The Work Really Started Today

Studio 5E ‘control room’ console with WTNH News 8 graphics.

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet. I start on WTNH, News 8, Monday at 5:00 PM. It’s a summer gig like I had in high school.

No one’s leaving. Fred will be hitting the road at five and six and I’ll be handling the maps.

For this coming week he’s on vacation, so I’ll do all the shows… and my forecasts for Nebraska. Busy week.

Working for WTNH requires funneling specially prepared graphics to my server here in Irvine. I worked this afternoon with Sam Kantrow, setting up an FTP connection between the station’s maps and my control room. We created accounts and had holes punched in firewalls.

Nearly everything will be produced using timers and triggers. When new data arrives new maps are made. It’s all the same equipment and maps they’re using in New Haven. They’re just produced in a slightly different way for my very different setup.

Sam and I had to overcome a few bumps. Expected. Everything is working. Adjustments will be needed. This weekend he and I will finish the graphics.

Earlier, Channel 8’s chief engineer, McKenzie Kotuby, and I worked on the outbound video link connecting my studio to Connecticut. It’s all done with high speed Internet and special computers seamlessly compressing video on-the-fly. It’s magical.

Three companies make these video compressors. I have all three here! It’s not exactly an honor.

I’m also getting a slightly lower quality backhaul from a router inside WTNH. I can watch air in near real time. The term in the business is “confidence monitor.” And it gives me access to nearly every video source in their building plus live beauty shot cameras. This is a real plus.

McKenzie’s doing 100%. Exceptionally geekariffic.

My goal is to make the broadcast look as if it’s coming from Connecticut. I don’t want to fool anyone. I’m being 100% upfront. The fact that I’m here shouldn’t really matter. I’d rather you weren’t distracted from that. You’ll see.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is tweak day at Studio 5E. All around production maven Larry Fitzgerald is coming. Everything will be tip-top. He’s a very good influence.

It all starts Monday. I’m not normally nervous or apprehensive and maybe I’m not now. I just don’t want to disappoint.

31 thoughts on “The Work Really Started Today”

  1. Thanks Geoff for keeping us followers informed on all of your undertakings. It has been interesting learning not only about your cancer but as well the complexities of broadcasting from afar.

  2. Geoff,
    Looking forward to your return and I am extremely pleased to see how pleased and comfortable you are with the start up! I sense your positive vibes about your return and that’s an immense positive! Greater New Haven and my location in Woodmont are looking very forward to your Monday return!!!

  3. Congarats on the return to TNH!

    Best way to celebrate the 4th?…

    Buy a fifth on the third!

    Enjoy the victories and don’t sweat the small stuff!

  4. Disappoint? It’s very doubtful. Even if things do not not as expected I know that you will explain the difficulties to us, your audience, in a way we will understand and we will feel connected to you. It’s your talent. Can’t wait til Monday at 5

  5. You have come a long way old saying befitting you…..very excited to see you on 8 again…it’s like you never left…we in Ct have stayed with you from the beginning..just because you went to California you never left our hearts….who knew…

  6. All looked good on new TVU receiver RX-9 in ENG Receive. Great pic and sound. We’ll take good care of you, Fox. Hugs to the girls. Happy Fourth!! See you on Monday.

  7. Geoff:
    I just want you to know that everyone I know is excited about your return.
    You’re an exceptional weatherperson and a great entertainer and that’s the difference.
    There are a lot of weather people who do their job quite well but you bring your viewers into the world of weather. You get us interested in what’s happening up there in the clouds. You make us laugh and cry and you entertain us in a way that is personal. When we turn on the weather it’s usually to get the forecast. When we turn on Geoff Fox it’s to see what our friend is up to.
    Break a leg Monday.

  8. Welcome back! I like the weather folk on the local stations…but I don’t make a habit of always tuning in. I will now!! Who says you can’t go home again?

  9. Disappointed never thrilled with your Summer job. Deep breaths you will have a home run looking forward to seeing you.

  10. I’m excited for you Geoff !! I’m sure with all this talent around you things will go smoothly !! Look forward to seeing that smiling face Monday at 5pm !! I do believe this just might shatter some viewer watching records !! Wow all that techy stuff is confusing !! CHEERS & GOOD LUCK

  11. We were thrilled to hear that you’d be coming back to channel 8 and CT … missed your enthusiasm with our nightly weather forecast. Then realized that Comcast dropped channel 8 from our line up recently and was very disappointed we won’t be watching your return. But happy for you and the viewers that will see your cheery, well explained reports again. Congratulations and hope this results in a permanent position.

  12. My wife and I are happy to hear that you will be back on Ch.8 . We are looking forward to Monday to see your return.

  13. When you left Channel 8, I followed you to Fox. When you left Fox, something was always missing from nightly news/weather…YOU and your entertaining personality. No other weather person has come close to your delivery. It will be such a pleasure to see you back again…to your old stomping grounds. That sad missing component will be missing no more. See you on Monday! Yay!

  14. Hi Geoff; Congratulations and best wishes, relating to both your health issues, what you’ve endured, and for your new gig on WTNH! You’ve been missed by many, and we will absolutely be watching. Welcome back!

  15. Watching the weather the way it should
    be done again with you finally back will
    be a pleasure again!! Having said we
    couldn’t understand if Nabraska, why
    not Connecticut from your studio, and
    someone finally listened.
    Welcome home to our homes again
    Geoff-you have been so missed for
    so long!!!!

  16. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!! Saw it in the Courant today! I know you’re a confirmed Californian now, but seeing you again in CT via your fabulous studio is absolutely splendid!

    So glad you’re done with treatment now. You’ve been incredibly generous in sharing. Blessings on the whole family. I hope you three (and the dog, of course) realize how much you are loved. Prayers continue.

    Norah/aka LA Ravenswood Woman 😉 P.S. It never occurred to me that you were on Facebook until I saw that today. Better make that “Norah the Dim”

  17. So happy your back! Never doubted your abilities…wish I still were in Ct, however I will be watching from the Olympic Peninsula Aberdeen, WA. Wouldn’t miss it…” Don’t go to bed yet” Rock on!!

  18. I am also in the area that lost WTNH from the Comcast lineup…but I have my laptop and will be watching online. Can’t wait. Welcome back!!

  19. Great news! I have been watching newscasts from Ch 8 more often, since the station changed ownerships. It has returned to being the friendly station it used to be. Also, it made me think that you would be a good fit, if you could find some way to be “invited back”. Look forward to hearing your voice again. Good to hear that you are slowly getting your strength back.
    Strange how things work out!
    Shout out to Cheryl B—Hi neighbor!

  20. Awww Geoff, It’s going to be good seeing you. I can’t wait. If this goes well, meaby it will turn into something more often. PLEASE be your self. That upbeat smiling optimistic person I miss. Now, if only we can coax Dr. mel down for a segment would be the icing on the cake.

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