One More Vial

It was off to the lab this afternoon. One more vial. Today’s blood draw, a ferritin test. That’s a new one on me and I’ve been poked plenty!

A ferritin test is a laboratory blood test that measures the amount of ferritin in a person’s blood stream. Ferritin is the major iron storage protein in the body, so the ferritin test is ordered as an indirect way to measure the iron stores in the body.

This is all about my fatigue. I am anemic. My blood is short of iron.

But why? Can it be solved by adding iron to my bloodstream? That’s often the solution. Or I could gnaw on a crowbar.

It might also be a capacity problem. My blood might not have enough ferritin to carry the iron I need.

In any event all this is fixable. First we test.

In California, by law, the lab cannot release my test results to me until the ordering physician has had them for two weeks. I guess I’ll get a call in the next few days.

14 thoughts on “One More Vial”

  1. In the words of the soothe sayer Roseann Roseanne Danna , ” Well, if it’s not one thing it’s another!” I hope you have an answer soon! Kate. ; Middle Haddam CT

  2. Hi Geoff,
    I think California is very smart to have that 2 week law in effect. Many times people get a copy of their results and draw conclusions after researching on the “intermed”…I wish Connecticut would do a similar law. Is that for all medical tests? Glad you are doing well. My husband has hemochromatosis so too much ferritin so he has to tap off a pint every two months. God does have a sense of humor.
    Say hello to Irvine!

  3. Good luck, Geoff! Fingers, toes, eyes … all are crossed & a little prayer to the guy upstairs to bring you good news!!!

  4. Stay away from magnets and you will be fine…lol. Seriously, hoping, wishing and praying for your best health, it sure feels right having you back on our airwaves, dated expression I know. There’s going to be a big brouhaha when summer is over and we face losing you. We hope that you are considering continuing a slot with WTNH when Gil returns and you’re feeling up to it. All our best,
    Folks back home and me,
    Dave Neto

  5. It’s been over 12 years for me and still fatigued some….I get monthly B-12 shots, it helps and 50000 units of vitamin D. Became lactose intolerant that was not easy to get used to…But am cancer free…

  6. Might only need a transfusion once in a while. Not so bad after all you have through. You are in my prayers and I am sure this will turn out fine.

  7. Went through iron IV for a while, but surgery was my easy fix…you have to find the source of depletion. Always best to you…enjoy watching you on local…like old times!

  8. Hi Geoff, I had a double lung transplant 1/12/1t6 and I’m trying to work through anemia right now. Coincidentally, I went to the hematologist today to start the process of hunting for an answer. I’ve really been enjoying your blog because many of the things you go through are similar to my situation.
    Great to see you on tv. Keep pushing and God Bless you.

  9. Hi Geoff, I use to have anemia when I was young! I had to take geritol (don’t know if it is spelled right) that stuff was gross. It was a liquid. Hope you do not have to take that. I was lucky as far as the chemo goes. I did not have to take anything also did not become anemic. Your doing great with the weather! Don’t go to slee yet, it is still not time for you to tell us the weather yet. Sunday looks good don’t change it! We are having a Celebration of Life for my brother, who died form injuries from a bicycle accident on the 17th of July! Bye for now, Barb

  10. Glad to see you back on News 8. Ive been battling myself with diabetes, and vascular disease in my arteries in my legs. I had 15 surgeries as of yesterday which was a skingraft to place on my amputated right foot. You are an inspiration to me and many more. I wish you continued good health for many years.

    1. Trust me, all of your fans have been painfully aware of your absence on our tv’s, and I personally would like to ask if it’s health related, or WTNH not seeing you as a valuable member of their team…. again. Either way, I speak for your fans everywhere in wishing you better health and a happy life. We would love to have you back on tv here again, but not at the expense of your health. Be well my friend.
      Dave Neto

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