Walking For A Cause

Damn! I hate it when people are nice.

I get lots of requests to make charity appearances. I just can’t say yes all the time. Actually, I can’t say yes most of the time. I was going to say “no” this particular time when Mary Foster asked me to walk for the Alliance For Lupus Research.

It’s a great cause, but it was a Saturday after a ‘day off’ Friday. But, there was a difference that made me say yes and not no.

About a year or two ago, my brother John Nolan, of Nolan’s Hamden Monuments made you a stone that read “sunshine” on one side and “rain” on the other so that when doing your weather forecasts, you would have it inscribed in stone. I am hoping you remember this.

Damn! I hate it when people are nice.

John Nolan did make me a very cool sign from what I assume was scrap granite. And then he refused my offer of money to pay for it. Every once in a while I drag it into work so I can claim the forecast is carved in stone.

PIC-0156I went to Sleeping Giant State Park this morning and walked with a hundred or so volunteers. That’s a really good response for the first year. It was my second consecutive day on the trail, but lots of the folks walking were attempting this hike for the first time, which made me feel good.

Life is mainly good for me. If I can help a group like this get some attention for their cause, it only makes things better.