Baseball Season On The PC

The Phillies kicked things last night by getting creamed by St. Louis. Still, hope springs eternal.

I just signed up for the Major League Baseball audio package for PCs. We’ve done this for the past few years.

Actually, two years ago we did the video – but it’s really jerky on Helaine’s old laptop (She won’t replace it). On top of that, many of the games are blacked out.

You would think MLB would allow you to listen when the video is blacked out, but the two services are separate. No video = no audio.

The full season audio package, every game – every team, is normally $14.95. I took a quick peek at and found a strange deal. I am now a member of Red Sox Nation.

OK – I am not really a Red Sox fan (though they’re my favorite American League team), but by signing up for $9.95, you get the audio for free. I don’t get it, but what do I know about sales?

Let the games begin.