When Good Tablets Go Bad

IMG_8136 asus transformer prime

My Asus Transformer Prime was a disappointment from day one–the Ishtar of tablets!  It died a gruesome death this weekend.

I was on the hammock reading when I shifted a little too much to the left.  Helaine said she saw the tablet hit the ground.  I was holding it, but didn’t feel it touch.

I recovered and continued reading, but around ten seconds later the screen spontaneously shattered!  Delayed action.  Surreal.

Tablets scratch an itch.  I like carrying one as I walk around the house or watch TV.  Except for heavy writing and photo/video editing applications they’re more convenient than a laptop.

nexus-7-2013It didn’t take long for me to get a replacement.  I bought a Nexus 7.  It too is made by Asus, but to Google’s specs.  Everyone sells this unit for the same price.  Staples got my business just by being close-by.

The Nexus 7 is faster than the Transformer Prime.  It didn’t take long to see that. The TP memory problems were documented here on the blog a week ago.  Having an a/b comparison showed me just how bad the problem really was.

I’ve traded the 10″ screen for a 7″ model.  It’s more convenient to hold, but text sometimes seems tiny.  That can be adjusted.  The screen itself is exceptionally high-res, crisp and bright which hides a lot of problems a smaller screen might bring.

IMG_8135nexus 7 and keyboardHelaine suggested I buy a case, which I did through Amazon.  It comes with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard.  Now my little tablet is a little laptop.

Using this $229 Android tablet with a $19.95 keyboard has to send shivers down Microsoft and Intel’s spines.  Their prime market has been marginalized.

This weekend we travel to Rachel Frank’s wedding.  This tablet/keyboard combo will be my only computer.  I expect it will be a trouble free substitute.

I’ll let you know if I’m wrong.