Playing Fast And Loose

No one is perfect. Though I favor Southwest Airlines even they have been known to make some moves they’d never allow from us. Tonight’s trip is a good example.

We paid the extra money to have my boarding pass automatically issued 24 hours before our scheduled departure time. When we do this, Helaine checks in normally. When I’m on the plane, I hold her seat.

Lsat night we didn’t get around to checking her in until eight hours after her boarding passes first availability. Usually that means she would be way back in the Bs or even Cs.

She got A44.

“Empty flight,” I said. Then I worried.

Were there too few people for Southwest to operate the flight? Schedules are schedules, but losing that much money isn’t fun and airlines have a large book of excuses to avoid it.

As it turns out they didn’t cancel our flight. They cancelled the one immediately before it!

Instead of a flight to Tucson at 5:05 PM and another at 7:00 PM, it’s just one. It’ still doesn’t look totally full.

Oh… and 7:00 PM departure? Not tonight. We’re currently listed for 7:25 PM.