Thing Are Hopping At The Mall

I went to the mall on Sunday. Let me repeat that for my daughter who probably went slack jawed, dropping whatever she was eating, when she saw those words.

Alone – I went to the mall alone!

This would be like Steffie or Helaine spending quality time at Fry’s or CompUSA.

Slowly, but surely, my wristwatches have been running out of battery power. As of early Sunday there were four depleted watches with one not far behind.

It didn’t take long to find a place to change the batteries. At the Brass Mill Center in Waterbury, I walked to the second floor and found a small store with the offer of battery changes written on the window.

My battery was changed by Ines. Well, I think it was Ines. She wore her name, in gold around her neck. I did get a great look because of cleavage concerns.

I’ve buried the lead again. This isn’t about my watches or who changed them. It’s about what I saw when I walked into the mall – people on bungees.

It was the strangest thing. Right there, at the main entrance to the mall, a contraption is set up with harnesses and bungee chords. Kids get harnessed in (maybe it can handle adults, but I didn’t see any) and then jump as if there’s no gravity.

There was chatter and encouragement galore as one girl attempted a somersault while suspended high above the mall’s floor. She made it!

Over the years, the center of a mall’s corridors has become selling space. It wasn’t always that way kiosk fans. Now, this mall which already has a merry-go-round, has something else to attract your attention.