Youtube – Youmustbekidding

One point six five billion dollars. Mull that a moment. Is there more impact using digits? $1,650,000,000 – how’s that?

Google is purchasing for that ridiculous price. I’m stunned.

Don’t get me wrong, I use I go there all the time, whether on my own initiative or following a link. I even understand how they’ll (probably) make some profit.

Earlier I wrote how I don’t get this deal.

One thing has now changed. will be owned by a company with deep pockets. Google has billions stashed away. Lawsuits, not filed against the virtually judgementproof, will now fly like poop from a greased goose.

There’s no way what does with copyrighted work can be considered fair use. The RIAA, MPAA, TV networks… anyone whose material is online will want their fair share.

Is this a purchase or really the California Attorney’s Full Employment Act of 2006?