Dubious Achievements in Credit Cards

Today, in the mail, we received some new credit cards from Bank of America. These are attached to our USAir mileage account – and we only use this account as a backup.

Along with the normal ‘full sized’ cards came a “mini card”. At 1.5 by 2.5″, it’s just a fraction of what you’ve seen for years. On one end a hole is punched in the card. The idea, clip it to your keychain and carry it wherever you go.

So far, so good… though there is a problem. I never give my wallet to strangers, but I give my car keys to strangers all the time. Now, these strangers will have my credit card number.

Actually, for a while they’ll have the physical card, magnetic stripe and all!

In an age where identity theft is rampant, isn’t this a little foolhardy? Even if Bank of America indemnifies me for every penny fraudulently spent, there is the secondary cost of identity theft – time and effort spent to reclaim your life.

I’m thinking, unless I hear compelling evidence to the contrary, this isn’t going on my keychain.