Like A Lost Day

All day long I’ve told myself today’s the day to Remember the Maine (trip). It’s not going to happen tonight.

I am suffering from a malaise which has been named ‘car lag’ by my friend Rick.

During the trip to Maine, I tried to shift my schedule to my friend Bob’s. That was especially important since I had the car and he had a few appointments. He could have gone by himself, but that would have slowed down the day, benefiting neither of us.

Getting up wasn’t the problem. The real weakness in my life is being able to force myself to bed. So, day-by-day, I got more fatigued… until today, I feel like I’ve just gotten off a horrendous bender&#185.

I took a three hour nap this afternoon, but I’m still really dragging and might finish the night out in bed, TV on, computer on… but still in bed where decisions are seldom required.

As is always the case, I have underestimated the time necessary to get my pictures ready for the Internet. There are around 1,000 of them, though far fewer will make their way online.

I’ll include one sample, so you can see I was actually there. Click the link, as the thumbnail just doesn’t do it justice.

&#185 – Nice imagery, but totally a guess. Strange as it seems in this day and age, I’ve never been drunk.