Boy Was I Wrong


I was looking back through some old tech stories last night when I came across one on cellphone tracking. Maybe you remember the story?

A few years ago, an iPhone user found his phone was compiling a list of cell towers he’d pinged and when. He even plotted his iPhone derived itinerary on a map (above).

It’s obvious, your cell carrier has to know where you are to deliver calls. What was surprising was the ‘dossier’ being kept. A lot of people were upset.

Here’s where I was wrong. I said cell companies could do that tracking, but not the government. After all, there’s the 4th Amendment.

Now we have Edward Snowden’s revelations. I feel like a sap. My script was very naive.

I’d rather not be enough of a cynic to see conspiracy everywhere. I’d rather not be so jaded I can’t believe denials from those in the know. I was played. We were all played.

It’s tough not to be jaded and cynical now.

Is Your Phone Ratting You Out?

Every cellphone to some extent rats you out!

I thought you might be interested in seeing my story from this afternoon’s 4:00 O’clock newscast on the iPhone location data controversy and the fact that every cellphone to some extent rats you out!