I Don’t Want To Work For Chase’s Fraud Department

As long as I live I never again want to hear, “I understand Mr. Fox.” “I understand” doesn’t mean I’ll help you.

The phone rang as I was trying to watch the UCONN-Syracuse game. The caller ID read “TOLL FREE CALL.” I considered letting it go to voicemail, but fought the urge and answered.


On the other end of the line was a computerized voice. It had some suspicious credit card purchases for me to check. We’re just back from New York City. Charge questions seemed plausible.

I didn’t get to see the second half of the UCONN game. Did I miss anything?

The suspicious purchases were out-of-state phone sales from Home Depot and Target. One was for around $10 the other over $900. They weren’t mine. They had been denied by Chase.

And so began an hour plus of painful conversations with Chase’s polite, but totally unhelpful staff in the Philippines!

As long as I live I never again want to hear, “I understand Mr. Fox.”

“I understand” doesn’t mean I’ll help you. In fact it’s used specifically so the person on the line doesn’t have to admit they’re not going to help you! I know from experience they’re not going to help me.

Actually, I understand.

This is the fourth time we’re going through this! 1-2-3-4. I am not as pleasant or forgiving as I was in numbers one through three.

Because my credit card number is known by someone scurrilous Chase wants the account shut down. Once it’s shut they’ll issue a new card. That’s what Chase wants.

Here’s what I want. Chase issues me a new card and I’ll shut the old account as soon as I have it.

What I want is against the rules. These aren’t laws or regulations. Chase makes these rules! They were not devised with my convenience being a consideration.

The problem is Helaine and I now have to go through our list of monthly automatic charges. Each company has to be called or written. We have hours of work ahead of us.

Beyond that we have to go a day (or more) without my only credit card which in 21st Century America is a large, not small, hassle.

This is really Chase’s problem. By law they are responsible for the charges. Why are they sharing their hassle it with me? Why do I have to work for their fraud department?

I’m about to scream. It will be loud enough to be heard in the Philippines!