Who Decides The Speed Limit?

So who decides? Who’s responsible? Does he take calls?

There are a half dozen ways I can travel to-and-from work. Each is gauged by Google to be within minutes of one another. The shortest route by mileage is the anti-intuitive ride down Route 10 through Cheshire. As you might remember the last time I went home this way I was stopped (though not ticketed) for speeding.

Thank you unnamed Cheshire police officer. If your goal was to get me to drive slower through Cheshire, you did.

I drove home that way again tonight.

Who decides the speed limit? I’m not just talking Cheshire. Who decides the limit on I-84?

Going home through Cheshire takes me up Flower Street from work then down Farmington Avenue to an oddly placed entrance ramp on the right. You actually join the ramp already in progress sweeping first right then left. You are deposited onto the main stem of I-84 on the far left!

The speed limit is 55 mph. This is an appropriate speed limit.

This section of I-84 It is the only properly limited road on my trip! Once I-84 exits Hartford this “superhighway” is open, wide and mostly straight. The speed limit stays 55 mph. It stays that way most of the way to the split for I-691.

No one is doing 55 mph. No one is doing 65 mph. I did 70 mph tonight&#185. I could have safely done 90 on this open road with few cars. I am driving a Subaru Outback with 2,500 miles. It’s in perfect condition with excellent equipment&#178.

The drivers understood what the safe speed was–somewhere between 70 and 80 mph. That’s what we did and we all got along. Kumbaya.

Route 10 in Cheshire is an older, narrower two-lane highway. It’s mainly straight and runs through the center of the town. During the day, the time the speed limits are aimed at, road speed is mostly limited by traffic. When I drive it’s deserted.

The limit goes from 45 mph to 25 mph in a few steps. I could have sworn an anchor was hanging off the back of my car as I turtled through tonight.

Seriously, trying to follow the speed limit (and even in the 25 mph zone I was doing 30 mph) is impossible. The speed limit is absolutely unreasonable.

So who decides? Who’s responsible? Does he take calls?

This is one of government’s faults. When it administers anything that affects human life it is very conservative and protective. That’s why conservative hate agencies like OSHA and the EPA.

Even though the Cheshire route is the shortest and one that takes the least time it still feels slow… and frustrating.

Cheshire, I love you. I don’t mean to pick on you. You’re just the most glaring thorn in my particular commute.

&#185 – I guess this means I won’t be back tomorrow night or anytime real soon.

&#178 – I am a paid spokesman for Premier Subaru and love driving an Outback. I would have said the same thing had I been driving Helaine’s Toyota or my well maintained 12 year old two seater.