A Bit About The Trip

We’re in the hotel room right now, but here’s what I wrote enroute:

“Wow, is it pouring.” That’s what Helaine said as I began to type this entry.

We’re sitting on Flight 1103 at Gate B16, Chicago Midway Airport. Our through flight from Connecticut was not a through flight today!

After an hour of left turns, killing time while waiting for a chance to land, we put down hard during a light rain. The Chicago passengers got off and we sat back… for a minute.

Someone from the Chicago ground crew came onto the plane to tell us there would be a change of equipment. We were currently on “A.” We’ll be leaving from “B.”

Midway is considered a small airport. Obviously, whoever came up with that hasn’t walked the terminals!

We got to B16 and stood in the pre-board line. With no boarding passes, Sandra checked our drivers licenses against a list and we were off to the plane. Though those darned wheelchair people snuck in before us, but we were squeezed in before the (soon to be) screaming babies.

Helaine is looking out the window where unfortunately, she’s now seen our bags – totally drenched as the rain beats down!

We’re going to be a little late getting into Vegas where clothes changing (at least this evening) is probably out of the question.

There is one thing we’ve tried on this flight we’d never tried before – watching “Vegas Vacation” on the plane. My old laptop had enough battery stamina for the coming attractions. This new Dell has a beefier, newer battery.

Yesterday I headed to Radio Shack to buy a splitter cable. It, and the laptop in general, worked perfectly. Cruising along at 40,000 feet we watched the movie.

I was surprised to pick up a lot of throwaway dialog I’d never heard before… and we’ve seen this movie plenty of times.

The pilot says we’ll be around 1:20 late. Nothing I can do about that. There’s barren land below us. Nothing to do but wait.