Dear M&M

I noticed the packages said, “Fun Size.” No, they are not!

Dear M&M,

I’m not sure what I did to deserve it, but when I came home tonight there were little bags of M&Ms waiting for me in the pantry. I love M&Ms. Health food, right?

I noticed the packages say, “Fun Size.”

No, they are not!

A “Fun Size” should be difficult to lift. It should be measured in pounds. It should be more than I can safely eat without a stomach pump nearby.

Eighteen Ms (I counted) isn’t my idea of fun.

Fix it.

Surprise The Kids At Halloween With The Weirdest Chocolate Ever!

Save a few bucks. Pass this out and you’re guaranteed fewer visitors next year!

I took a quick trip to Target tonight. A few co-workers were searching for Halloween candy to pass out this weekend.

While in the chocolate aisle (well, one of the many chocolate aisles) I came across the most unusual chocolate I have ever seen. Seriously, was there a call for chili infused chocolate?

Pass this out this weekend and you’re guaranteed fewer visitors next year!