Clouds Also Make The Sunset

Still photos benefit from cirrus clouds too. Here’s one from my ‘branch office’ on the front lawn. The cirrus clouds are like a movie screen for the refracted sunlight at dusk.

In other words, it was very pretty.


Clouds Make The Sky

Cirrus Timelapse   YouTube

If you’re interested in fun outdoors nothing beats a beautiful blue sky. For photography not so much! Clouds add texture and contrast. Blue skies are boring.

I have a huge photo of Monument Valley hanging upstairs which was taken on a sunny day. I added clouds for a better shot!

Sorry Mother Nature. Please don’t get upset I’m screwing with your work product.

I looked up around an hour ago and saw cirrus clouds. That meant this would be a great afternoon for time lapse photography.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Without these clouds this might as well have been a still.