JetBlue Emergency Update

When JetBlue’s Airbus A320 landed with its nose gear perpendicular to its motion, I wondered if anyone would try and connect this incident with JetBlue’s maintanence, performed in El Salvador and primarily by mechanics not certified by the FAA.

JetBlue doesn’t even fly out of the US, except to get its planes repaired or maintained.

Today the story hit the Washington Post. I’ve attached their story to the link below.

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Comcast – No Improvement

I am at work but just spoke to Helaine. She says the cable modem is now totally unusable. I ran a test on which visually confirms what she’s seeing.

She asked that I call Comcast. After waiting on hold for 15 minutes (tonight they do have an announcement every few seconds telling me my call is important… though not important enough to staff the place with enough operators) I got a customer service rep.

Yes, they know they have a problem. Yes, it’s a Cisco router – somewhere local in Connecticut. They’re expecting it… no it’s there. They’re installing it and it should be back to normal late tonight or early tomorrow.

Stay tuned.