Radio Daze Part Two: Colin McEnroe On WNPR

I was joining Colin, Rand Richards Cooper and Irene Papoulis. I was the intellectual bottom feeder in the group!

This morning was WPLR. This afternoon WNPR. Can two stations be any more different? WNPR, on Asylum Street in Hartford, is the mothership for Connecticut Public Radio home of NPR programming. Colin McEnroe’s show is part of their expanding commitment to local programming.

Here’s how this works. I’d asked Colin if I could be on. He said yes.

The Friday show is called “The Nose” and features guests who talk about the context of current events. I was joining Colin, Rand Richards Cooper and Irene Papoulis. I was the intellectual bottom feeder in the group!

Today on The Nose: Kobe’s ugly outburst, the little boy with pink nail polish and how today’s gadgets are making yesterday’s classics obsolete. Hear Irene Papoulis, Rand Richards Cooper, and special guest, weatherman, Geoff Fox! Call us from 1-2 at 860 275 7266, email or TWEET-TUSS! @wnprcolin.

I found the Kobe incident most interesting because it’s a story of a shouted outburst widely reported without actually quoting what Kobe said. My peripheral point was we diminish the ugliness of certain words by keeping them out of the conversation or hiding them with euphemisms like “the ‘N’ word.”

An hour goes quickly. i’m glad I went.

Additional photography (the better shots) by Chion Wolf playing the part of Bill Curry.

No Sooner Are We Home Then We’re Gone!

Here are a few of the early shots. These are reprocessed panoramas.

Central Park South pano from Central Park.jpg

times square stairs pano.jpg

“You realize we only left yesterday?” was Helaine’s question as we left New Haven’s Union Station headed for the ‘overflow’ garage across the way. Yeah–I get it. We packed a lot into 36 hours: two Broadway shows, David Letterman, a little city walking and a few meals.

Still, tomorrow we’re leaving before noon for another adventure. First stop is Colin McEnroe’s show on Connecticut Public Radio. Colin is one of those crazily smart people you only hope to keep up with. He’s doing the dinner and late show at the same time!

The show is heard at 1:00 PM on the multiple frequencies of WNPR plus Internet streaming on

My biggest post-trip chore will be to work on my photos–around 550.

I have been working with a new, faster ‘walkaround’ lens, a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. It’s image stabilized which is causing trouble.

The problem isn’t the lens–it’s me! Right now it’s more than I can handle! This lens allows critical mistakes never possible before. It’s going to take some time to figure out how to handle them.

Here’s an example. Because I had slower lenses without any stabilization my nighttime shots were always underexposed. Now they can be properly exposed which should be good, right?

Unfortunately the incredible contrast between bare light points and background elements now becomes a problem. Points of light are heavily overexposed because the rest of the photo is properly exposed! Sometimes they’re too hot to be handled by Photoshop.

I also haven’t figured out how much of the stabilization I can get away with. Some shots are blurry because I tried to let the camera find a proper shutter speed–much too slow.

I’ll figure it out. Until then I’m wasting frames which is frustrating.

This entry has a few quick panoramas. As always, click the photo for a larger more detailed view.


On The Radio

While I’m thinking of it… On the radio with Colin Mcenroe, Connecticut Public Radio Thursday at 1:00 PM. Be there. Aloha.