SoCal Has A Smell Good Plumber

I was thinking about commercials a few days ago. The knee jerk reaction is to poo poo them. However, some commercials get knit into the fabric of our lives.

When the Giants are playing at the Meadowlands and that 5-note whistle comes on, I have to think of PC Richards. It’s involuntary.

In Connecticut there is Bob Kaufman who turned a whiny voice into TV magic! Is there any larger TV advertiser on the East Coast? I doubt it!

I met Bob at a New Haven Ravens game years ago. He seemed like a nice guy. I bought two love seats and a sofa from him. Good value and very comfortable.

There’s another iconic Connecticut Bob from Bob’s of Milford (though I’m not sure his name is actually Bob). Helaine always thought Bob’s, “He just wants to get you a loan,” was, “He just wants to get you alone.” That would be creepy.

Every market has them. In Philadelphia there was Ben Krass who sold suits in South Philly. Cleveland had JB Robinson Jewelers with stores “across the street from, but not in” some mall.

I’ve got a favorite in SoCal. It’s Mike Diamond.

Our plumbers will show up on time and smell good or the house call is free. That’s a promise.

Yup, Mike Diamond is the smell good plumber! Is there any better positioning possible?

Here’s what all these advertisers have in common–their shtick works! It’s not how polished the message is, but whether the message resonates.

Don’t you want a smell good plumber?

Dear Comcast

New Haven Comcast officeDear Comcast,

I am a subscriber to your New Haven, Connecticut system. I’m going to complain about commercials, but probably not in the way you expect.

The timing of your local commercial breaks is screwed up. I can’t believe no one there has noticed. I do. It’s been happening for months.

Here’s what happens. During a network break, a national commercial will be cut while in-progress as your local break rolls. This doesn’t happen at the very beginning or end of the spot, it’s right in the middle.

Then, when the cluster of local ads ends, you go back and catch the last few seconds of the last national spot.

Are you running 90 seconds of commercials in a 120 second hole? Maybe. I don’t really know.

All I can tell you is it’s jarring and puzzling. It’s as if you go in late and come out early.

Could you take care of it, please?

All the best,

They Call Me The Spokesman

It’s an interesting call because I understand their reputation and mine now become intertwined.

I did something new for me yesterday. I taped a commercial. I have become the spokesman for a car dealership on the shoreline. They’re making the official announcement Monday so I’ll wait until then to say who it is.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s only become possible since I’ve come to FoxCT. This is not my first chance to do a local ad. It’s just the first one where I said yes.

This whole process has demanded a great deal of thought. I understand the dealership’s reputation and mine now become intertwined. That’s a big deal to me.

I sat down and met with the dealership’s owner and ad agency to make sure we were on the same page and had the same sensibilities. They were surely vetting me as well.

Helaine scouted Yelp looking for customer reviews. Nearly everyone was happy with their choice. Some bordered on ecstatic.

We have friends who bought a car from this dealership. They were in the ecstatic group.

The car line itself is considered very reliable and aggressively priced. It’s a good value.

The cars I’ll be talking about are all wheel drive. I’m the guy at work on snow days telling you not to go to work! AWD is critical for me.

How many cars come with their own weatherman?

Commercials: I Can’t Not Look

There are commercials on TV I have to watch. Seriously, I can’t look away.

There are commercials on TV I have to watch. Seriously, I can’t look away. When the UPS guys nerdily sing to me about logistics my head turns so fast my neck might snap off! That’s amore!

This all started when Helaine noticed me watching the at&t ad with the two guys on the ski lift.

“You can’t not look?” she asked… but she was really making a statement.

Yes! I can’t not look.

I watch the Lowes commercial where the couple’s washing machine goes nuts… and they kick it into submission.

Now there’s a new one with a little girl who builds a lemonade stand that blossoms into a big business: Susie’s Lemonade. In the final scene her dad looks for her but is confronted by another grade schooler who asks, “Is she expecting you?”

I’ve watched it intently dozens of times. Unfortunately we had to roll back the DVR as I was writing this. I couldn’t remember whose commercial it was.

Sorry Verizon Wireless.