I Want To Say Bad Things… But I Can’t

Every day while in the shower I listen to National Public Radio. Sometimes I listen on Connecticut Public Radio. Other times it’s WSHU’s network of repeaters, running about the same power as a flashlight.

If I’m in early (for me), I get to hear Terry Gross and Fresh Air.

Actually, that’s wrong. I hardly ever hear Terry Gross. She’s never there. It’s always Dave Davies (really… what were his folks thinking) or David Bianculli of the Philadelphia Daily News.

A few times, I’ve planned on ripping into the show because Terry Gross is hardly ever there. It’s a running joke between me and me.

She’s the name talent. She should make an effort to show up. It’s not like they can’t tape a bunch of ins and outs for shows, all at once or allow her to use a studio in her home or on the road. Radio is much easier that way.

I can’t be too mean. I love the show.

I have heard more great interviews on Fresh Air than anywhere else. Most of the fun ones for more are with show biz luminaries. Dion Dimucci, Neal Diamond and Daivd Duchovny stand out. These guys were candid and fascinating.

Who knew it was Dr. David Duchovny?

In these cases they’re are people I’ve heard interviewed before. Still, I’ve gone away with much more than I knew when I turned the shower water on.

It’s NPR. There are always going to be esoteric do-gooders on the show I just don’t want to know about. Sorry. However, by and large, the show is great.

Some day Terry will explain to me where she is on all those days off.