Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam was on with Jon Stewart tonight&#185. I know nothing about Dwight Yoakam except for the fact that he’s a country music star. There are country songs I like, but I certainly don’t gravitate there.

I don’t know any Dwight Yoakam songs. I could not pick Dwight Yoakam out of a police lineup.

This may all change. He’s nuts – in a very good way.

Stewart said something about Ringo Starr (last night’s guest) and Yoakam was off to the races, making the strangest connections. He was loaded with little nuggets… facts about the Beatles, Monkees and Mel Gibson.

He’s really bright. The connections were unexpected and to the point. You could hear the gears meshing as he thought it all through… and he was probably slowing it down to let the rest of us keep up.

Impressed? Yes, very much. Now, if I only knew what his music sounded like.

&#185 – I’ve never mentioned here what a huge Jon Stewart fan I am and how his show is recorded and watched by me every night. Now it’s been mentioned.