Confused For A Robot

I was checking the prices on some electronics gear using Google this afternoon. Maybe I might enjoy adding HDTV to my MythTV DVR?

When my first request wasn’t specific enough, I honed in with “hdtv mpeg4&#185 capture pci.” That’s when Google got suspicious.

We’re sorry… but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application

Here’s the actual screen capture of Google’s page.

First, doesn’t Google already have a cookie on this machine by which they follow me around? You know what? There doesn’t have to be a second, because the first covers it all.

This is just weird, because a company that prides itself on artificial intelligence and expert machine interpretation of language, shouldn’t be confusing a 56 year old guy in Connecticut with an automated process!

Google has made more of a positive impact on the retrieval of information than any other company/application I can think of. That’s no minor feat. Our lives have been changed for the better by this student project, hatched at Stanford.

Am I still allowed to be a little disappointed?

&#185 – This is a mistake on my part. I really should have specified “MPEG-2,” normally accomplished in hardware, which greatly reduces the load on the DVR’s computer brain.