Enya’s Back

A few days ago, Helaine went to make a long distance call only to get a recording saying ‘nope.’ Not this again!

I just don’t know what to do, but I will give my long distance provider one more try. I’m not sure why.

Though I’d like to go with VOIP service, I have resisted because 911 service is still somewhat fluky.

In the meantime I’m back on hold to India. Enya’s CD is playing in a continuous loop. It is torturous to listen to.

Who will answer the phone? Will it be Keith? Maybe Andrea again? Whomever it is, can they fix my service? And, if they do, for how long this time.

Back on Hold With GTC

I still haven’t gotten this long distance thing straightened out. I think Sprint is currently my carrier of record. Who knows what I’m paying for long distance?

Tonight is the fourth or fifth time I have tried to reach GTC. I’m on hold again! We’re at 35 minutes on the timer.

Here’s what I’ve learned since the last time I posted this. I am not alone! Someone from California (I think) posted a comment saying that had gone through the same thing. It’s good to have company, I suppose.

I have also found out, courtesy of Phil our engineering supervisor who has walked by, that the music on hold is by Enya.

Enya – if you’re reading this, as nice as you must be, there’s only so much of your music I can take. I have passed that point.

Blogger’s note: Hung up this time at one hour 13 minutes. Great.