Will You Destroy That Fax, Mr. Fox?

“I have reported your breach,” he said.

Excuse me? I tried to get him to explain. It was all very confusing.

360healthbystate_doc_m65993308We just came off COBRA. If you understand what COBRA means, my sympathies. Now our health insurance is through Anthem Blue Shield Cross.

We just got our first paper bill in the mail. It was addressed to me and some unknown woman. Helaine’s name is listed elsewhere where it should be, but not on the first page.

I called Anthem and worked my way through the phone tree. Awful. When I finally reached the end of the chain I was told there would be nine minutes more to wait.

Mr. Robinson answered. That’s a first. Last name only.

I explained what I’d received, but he was confused. I offered to fax it to him, “Attention: Mr. Robinson.”

It took a little time. He called back.

“I have reported your breach,” he said.

Excuse me? I tried to get him to explain. It was all very confusing. What breach?

Then he said, “Will you destroy that fax, Mr. Fox?”

It didn’t register the first time, but he repeated himself and he was emphatic. Now I understood.

Geoff: “HIPAA?”

Mr. Robinson: “Yes.”

I asked if we were on a recorded line and when he said yes asked if my insurance was valid. He said, “Yes.”

I have no idea what happened, but it wasn’t good. I expect paperwork is coming my way.

How Did I Live Without It?

20130530_171456_PerfectlyClear_0001A few months ago, thinking of my newly founded web development business, I decided to get an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machine. How did I live without it?

Actually, let me modify that. How did I live without the scanner?

Why is anyone still using fax machines? This “Canon PIXMA MX512 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax” came with fax capabilities, but I’d much rather scan and send something as an email attachment. My guess is most of the people still sending faxes never think to do it any other way.

I’ve only printed two pages on its color printer. Test prints. My laser printer is cheaper to operate and faster. I’ll continue to print boarding passes in black and white.

OK–back to the scanner. It’s got sheet feeder and flat bed capability. It is fast enough… faster than I expected.

I didn’t expect to use it as often as I have. Insurance forms, real estate disclosures, even photos have been scanned and sent on their way. Today, when Helaine discovered some paperwork we’d need during our drive west, I scanned it, then emailed it to myself. It will be there when I need it without the necessity of carrying more paper.

For $88.00 I got a deal. What I’m trying to remember is, what I did for scanning before this entered my life?