Hey FedEx, Now I’m Angry!

I wrote yesterday about the package destined for my great-nephew in Milwaukee. Fedex notified me of a “Delivery Exception.” The official explanation was

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

OK — no big deal. It was scheduled for delivery today. The birthday isn’t until Monday.

I checked this afternoon and… you won’t believe this…

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

I quickly called and spoke to an agent who put me on hold, then came back to say she’d spoken to the depot. There was no weather problem. The package would be delivered.

It wasn’t!

The birthday is Monday. No problem… except FedEx Home Delivery only operates Tuesday through Saturday. It’s now scheduled for a post-birthday Tuesday delivery.

I called FedEx again. No one working Saturday evening is able to help&#185.

The package will spend weekend and a little of next week in Oak Creek, WI. It will miss Judah’s birthday. I am upset.

No, I am livid!

Avoiding crap like this is why I went with FedEx in the first place. They’d better refund the shipping charges.

&#185 – Though he couldn’t help either, Victor in FedEx’s El Salvador call center was at least empathetic and concerned.