Too Good To Be True Was!

It was a very cool story, but something didn’t smell right. That’s because it was a hoax!

A few days ago I wrote about the tech story I nearly produced for FoxCT about Jarno Smeets and his amazing flying wing. It would have been a very cool story, but something didn’t smell right. It was a hoax!

Skeptical comments earlier turned to an admission today.

Smeets, whose real name is Floris Kaayk, has come clean on Dutch television, admitting that his videos and accompanying blog were nothing more than what he calls “online storytelling.” His flying video attracted more than 3 million views on YouTube.

“I’m actually a filmmaker and animator. I am now eight months working on an experiment about online media,” Kaayk told the press, referring to the fact that he began documenting the fake flying machine project on his blog last summer. –

I came very close to airing that story. I’m glad I had second thoughts. Very glad.

I wish it had been real. It looked so cool.