I Met Foz In Burbank

I don’t know when I first starting talking with Foz. He says we met ages ago at KC-101, back when it was on Quinnipiac Avenue. Over the past few years our communications have been online.

He’s a producer. Scripted episodic work mostly. TV. Cable.

He’s also a new dad. Charlotte is four days old. Mazel tov.

We met at a Starbucks in Burbank–11 miles and 36 minutes from here in rush hour traffic.

Nice guy. Young. Eager. Moving in the right direction.

He wants to go back east–maybe Connecticut, his wife’s home state. I reminded him we have winter back east and he (mostly) doesn’t.

It was about bringing up his daughter and his feeling Connecticut is a better place to be a kid. That’s how parents are supposed to think. However, there’s still winter!

Out here most of the folks I know are in the ‘business’. I find what they do fascinating. It’s a totally different world from local TV where I’ve lived the last 30+ years.