My Lips Aren’t Pretty

Sometime this evening my lower lip began to swell. Later, after dinner, my upper lip followed suit. I look like Botox gone bad!

Dear Geoff,

I just finished watching you on the Monday Newschannel 8 broadcast, and couldn’t help but notice that you did not appear as your usual self. It looked as though you may have had some type of oral surgery, as your lips appeared quite swollen. Hope it is nothing serious, and that you mend well. In the meantime, I’ll continue to tune in (as I always do), and will continue to monitor the situation!

I’ve had this problem before, but thought it had been brought under control with antihistamines. Guess not.

It doesn’t hurt. It is unsightly. And, it bothers me because I have no idea what’s causing this nor how to get rid of it. Even WebMD lists no cause when you enter the symptom “swollen lips.”

A quick peek in the mirror shows I’m currently a cross between Gary Shandling and Homer Simpson. This can’t be good.

Larry Sanders

There are a few shows I regularly record on the DVR. One, and the first show I’m likely to watch, is The Larry Sanders Show.

I never did watch this when it was first run on HBO… we didn’t get HBO. I’m sorry I didn’t and glad it’s available now.

My favorite character is not Larry, though I am a big Gary Shandling fan. I’m much more interested in Rip Torn’s, “Artie.”

Artie or Arthur is the producer of the show. He is my fantasy boss. His only concern is the success of the show, and if that means hand holding or coddling – he does. But, there’s never any thought that he’s weak or a less in charge because of that.

Rip Torn is perfect in the part. I wonder how much of it is based on Freddie DeCordova, Johnny Carson’s producer?

Like I said, this is a fantasy, not reality. I don’t expect this to ever happen to me. And, though I’d like to be, I never expect to be as pivotal to a show I’m on as Larry Sanders is to his.