Designated Companion

Sending me to this exhibition is like O.J. going to Christmas dinner at the Goldman’s. I’ll try and be good.

Stef has an assignment from her Geology course that demands a trip to the Museum of Natural History. Amazingly, that’s not a preferred destination for college students. Who knew?

She was looking for a companion. Here I am. This probably speaks to my nerdiness more than anything else.

I will drive. She will take the LIRR and a subway. If everything goes according to plan we’ll meet at the museum’s entrance hall around 2:30–if everything goes according to plan.

The exhibition we’ll be seeing concerns climate change. I’ve read through the museum’s website. Sending me to this exhibition is like O.J. going to Christmas dinner at the Goldman’s. I’ll try and be good.

I’m taking Clicky.

Move Over O.J.

Helaine will be the first to tell you – My all time favorite TV show was the O.J. Simpson trial! I couldn’t get enough.

What a cast. There was Johnny Cochran, Marcia Clark, Judge Ito… I’m sure you know them all.

The civil trial with the Goldman and Brown families wasn’t televised. Darn! I felt cheated.

Now it looks like there will be a new series of trials for me to follow… and it’s a major surprise because I stumbled upon “Act 1” as I got out of the shower and turned the TV on.

It’s just the first in a series of Anna Nicole Smith related court appearances. Be still my heart.

Today, live from Florida, the hearing attempted to decide Anna Nicole’s final resting place. Let the games begin. These people will agree on nothing.

There was the boyfriend/attorney/possible father… the unfortunately named, Howard K. Stern. Also appearing was Anna Nicole’s estranged mother, Virgie Arthur. There were attorneys of every shape and size. And, there was the judge, The Honorable Larry Seidlin.

Circuit Judge Seidlin is straight out of central casting. He is tan with an even tanner (is that a word?) bald head. Where Lance Ito was reserved and proper, Larry Seidlin is auditioning for his own courtroom show!

I don’t mean to make light of Anna Nicole’s death. However, her life was such a circus, it seems unlikely anything will be agreed to by all parties. That means guaranteed good TV watching for me.

Still to come, custody of the daughter and possible control of the fortune… if there is a fortune. That’s to be decided too.

This is the mother’s milk of the cable news networks daytime programming. Don’t look for a whole lot of restraint on their part. The participants… they don’t even know what restraint means!