Ivy Update

I took Ivy to see the vet this afternoon. Of course, we’re still worried since her hospital stay last month.

We saw Dr. Gustafson, who looks like she received a pass from high school to be there. She was thorough and friendly. Ivy’s breathing has definitely improved with much less congestion noted. The heart murmur is still there, and that’s to be expected of course. She has growths under her chin which will be checked for cancer.

Ivy’s medication will be reduced. One pill will be stopped altogether.

She’s 12 now. This was pretty much as good as the news could be.

Ivy the dog

This morning, Helaine asked me if I had noticed that Ivy the dog’s breathing was very shallow and rapid, even when at rest. Unfortunately, I did.

We have a very good vet hospital in the neighborhood, and I called. Helaine took Ivy over before noon.

Ivy has fluid in her lungs, her color is pale and her lymph glands are swollen. They put her on an IV and administered oxygen. They also gave her some medication.

This evening, there is some improvement, but not much.

We are worried, and how could we not be? Ivy is a very important member of the family.

Dr. Gustafson, Ivy’s attending, will be in tomorrow and we will check back.