That’s All There Is

In my efforts to win back Google, I’ve been making sure everything on this site is as it should be. Though I’ve done these before, I’ve just produced a fresh sitemap.

If you’ve never seen a sitemap. Here’s mine (a very large file, so don’t click if you’re on dial-up or slow DSL). It’s made for machines, not people. It contains a link to every page on

It’s a ‘shortcut’ I produced for Google, so they can crawl my entire site more efficiently. It was created by GSiteCrawler, which does what Google does – crawl by following the links between pages. By now, some of my links are 4 or 5 clicks beneath the home page and would never be found.

Some of the pages on this site are, in essence, place holders. For instance, forms to enter comments on old postings… though I turn off commenting after five days. Most pages do have some content. Often a single posting is found in daily, monthly, category and individual entries.

This site has 28,717 pages at the moment! I’m still off Google.