How Many Dog Miles Is That


If today’s weather in Connecticut was the norm, everyone from California would move here! We have spectacular beauty close at hand. It’s the most stunningly picturesque place I’ve ever lived.

This afternoon Helaine and I went to one of our favorite pretty spots, Sleeping Giant State Park. We brought our short legged child, Doppler, with us.

The Tower Trail is 1.6 miles long. How many dog miles is that? This is a tough hike for Doppler!

When we arrived, the mountain’s parking lot was mostly full. That’s normally reserved for weekends. Today was that nice.

The trail was pretty crowded. There were runners from Hamden High School, a woman pushing a stroller with a crying baby, couples, singles and loads of dogs… dogs of every shape and size.

We planned to walk around halfway up to a pretty overlook. It’s been a while. None of us are aerobically fit today. Doppler was especially grateful to turn around and head back down.

When I posted an ‘in-progress’ Sleeping Giant photo on Facebook a few people wondered if we’d miss the mountain when we leave? Absolutely. Sleeping Giant is one of the coolest benefits of living where we do.

What I won’t miss are the few scattered spots where the mountain still has snow on April 8!