Wow–They Sit Through Credits Here

in a world posterThursday afternoon and the Foxes took in a movie. Helaine and I went to see “In A World,” Lake Bell’s ‘dramedy’ about voiceover artists, but really about family. We liked it.

The title refers to the iconic movie trailer line spoken by the late Don La Fontaine and later Hal Douglas.

Bell, who wrote and directed the film, plays Carol. She’s a voice coach and daughter of Sam (Fred Melamed), king of the voices. She’s also a frustrated voiceover artist, partially due to her father’s discouragement. He feels voice work is man’s work!

As much as voiceovers run through the movie, it’s really about family and relationships.

There were some familiar faces in cameos (Geena Davis, Eva Longoria, Jeff Garland) and big roles including two Jon Stewart alums, Dimitri Martin and Rob Corddry. Both were very good, but I’d never seen Corddry play anything but ‘the fool.’ In a part that demanded depth and emotion, he delivered. I’m impressed.

The movie ended, the credits began to roll and an interesting thing happened. Everyone stayed seated! It’s SoCal. You never know who knows whom around here. People were looking for familiar names.