Shaking With The Next Door Neighbors

I was in Maine a total of four days and yet I’ve picked up new next door neighbors – Kay and Skip, also at the foot of Lawler Lane.


We had our first earthquake that I can remember for a long time this morning. Some of you that live in Maine might have felt it.

Those of you who don’t it is a weird thing to go through. Skip thought it was thunder, but then when our building was shaking that was scary.

It registered a 3.5 which isn’t to bad, but enough to scare you. How lucky we are not to have such bad things in this area. So many people don’t realize how lucky we are.

Hope everybody is doing well. We are doing the best that we can right now.

Love ya all,

Kay and Skip

Here’s the official rundown from the USGS.

Meanwhile, a week and a half ago, I would have been there. I’m not sure whether that makes me happy or sad.